Sitter Sessions – Kylie Winder Photography – Orange NSW

6-9 months of age is a PERFECT time to photograph those wide-eyed stares that babies give!!!


Those wide-eyed stares, and big smiles as they curiously look at the world around them!  I have lots of gorgeous outfits, bonnets and headbands as well as colourful flokati (ie wool rugs) for them to lie on…  combine that with beautiful backdrops and props what more could one want for their gorgeous little girl!!! dsc_1926web

dsc_2018-edit-webThis little munchkin loved my bright bell !!!  and had a lovely time ringing it… I think she rather liked being in this basket!



I do love my purples!!!  I’m thinking by her face that she did too!!! 🙂

I can also “put” them into the beautiful digital basket props (pic below) (for safety reasons I do these ones below as composites…)

So come have your little princess photographed in these gorgeous bonnets of mine! 🙂

Photos to treasure always….

Photographing in Orange and close surrounds…



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