My favourite sessions…. Kylie Winder Photography Orange NSW

What are my favourite things to photograph?  Lots of things actually!

I really do love photographing Maternity sessions – to see a mum-to-be glowing in anticipation of meeting her new little baby…  I have beautiful dresses for mums to wear and feel special and beautiful on the day…

Some of the ones I have had to pleasure of photographing I will show you now. All the gowns in the photos are ones I have currently and are available for use…






I since have 5 new maternity dresses not yet photographed!

Are you expecting? Do you have a friend who is expecting??? Feel free to share my page or tag them.

Best time to do a maternity session depends on you and your bump.  I’d recommend anywhere between 28 and 34 weeks – and whilst you are still able to move and pose…

Everyone is different tho – and carries differently.  Check out this amazing mum below – I think she was 36 weeks here!


I just love doing them later in the day when the light is lovely and soft.   Such a beautiful time to remember and mum’s are always glowing for their session!

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