Gorgeous Maternity Sessions – Orange NSW and Bathurst NSW – with Kylie Winder Photography

Feel and look gorgeous with a Fine Art Maternity session with Kylie Winder Photography. Sessions are done in the comfort of your own home and I bring along my mobile studio – complete with a selection of some of my beautiful Dresses available for use. I have over 30 high end maternity dresses to choose from varying from size 6-20.

When is the best time for a maternity session?

Anytime from when you can see your belly! Usually from 28-36 weeks is best. You want to be able to see your belly – but still be able to move and pose comfortably.

Sessions can be done in Orange, Molong, Millthorpe, Blayney, Bathurst and Surrounds.
I just love to create something beautiful for you to remember these special moments. There is something beautiful about photographing a mummy-to-be…. Just that presence and inner joy she has – at the anticipation of meeting her new little baby!

All of the dresses below are from Mii Estilo – click here to purchase your own! They are made in the Netherlands and are really beautiful and made well!

I want you to LOVE your photos and create something special for you to keep for generations. All mums that have had sessions with me have had a lot of fun – i mean who doesn’t love dressing up! and we never normally get to do this! I really recommend you have your hair and makeup done – and just enjoy the whole experience!

Strong, Industrious, Wise, Beautiful, Glamorous

you are MUM!

Mummy and Me Portraits – Orange Portrait Photographer – Orange NSW – Bathurst Photographer

Mummy and Me Portraits. These are such a beautiful keepsake to have and treasure!

I really love these sessions – and of course I have 30 dresses to choose from for mum and lots of beautiful dresses for little girls from newborn up to size 12. Boys I usually put in their own trousers/pants and shirt and then we can add some of the hats/suspenders/bow ties that I will bring along.

I love to create gorgeous images for you and also make each session lots of fun, relaxing and something to look back on with fond memories.

I travel to your home in Orange NSW, Bathurst, Molong or close surrounds and bring my studio, dresses, props and all with me! 🙂


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New Fine Art Portrait Sessions

I have been upskilling through the Covid-19 lockdown and one of the courses I undertook was fine art portraits. I’m loving doing these sessions!

Here are a few recent ones – using some of the lighting techniques of the Old masters…. I”m loving these for both Portraits and Maternity sessions!


Maternity Sessions – Orange Maternity Photographer – Kylie Winder Photography

Hello everone! Thank you for coming to my blog. I have such an amazing collection of gorgeous gowns now for use in your Maternity and New Mumma and Breastfeeding sessions, and I thought they deserved their own post! I really want you to love your pictures and feel amazing. Most of the gowns are average size – so fit size 10-14, I have a few smaller gowns and a few larger ones as well. I usually clamp them at the back to make sure they fit you for the perfect belly fit… So all in all I have dresses for sizes 8-18.

I really recommend you have your hair and makeup professionally done for the photoshoot as its such a beautiful time to photograph and document these precious moments.

Here are some of my dresses in use worn by some very yummy mummies!

The following images all have the names of the gowns on them so that you can let me know which ones to bring to your session.

Fine Art Portraits – Orange NSW

Fine Art Portrait Sessions are now available! In the styles of the old masters ie Rembrandt! These are lots of fun to create and do. I do in-home studio sessions and come to your place in Orange NSW, Bathurst NSW and close surrounds. These can be Children/Teen portraits, or Maternity Portraits.

There are a lot of gorgeous outfits for little girls from babies up to girls size 12… some pictured. And womens sizes 8-18 – including maternity dresses. For boys I have lots of hats/suspenders/bow tie sets.

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Whimsical Newborn Sessions

Why do I like digital Backdrops? Well for one its easier on baby and less moving of baby around… Plus the variety you can get!!! I love to create so that you can have unique images of your beautiful little newborn. Images you can treasure for generations!
The ladybeetle is one of my favourite outfits! sooo cute!

I like Storybook style images like something out of a Children’s book…. as well as Pretty and girly images!

I have 2 favourite vendors for my Digitals… Luisa from Luisa Dunn Photography, and Aoife from Cleare Photography.  Both very different but i love both of them!

ladybeetle shelff


Digitals also help with awake babies 🙂

I also love this little hedgehog/echidna outfit! sooo cute! and check out her cute toes in this!!

fox on moonfsinging peacockfCompositeKitstorkf

I also love the floral backdrops – for little girls…. so pretty…



NIKON CORPORATION-NIKON D610-6016x4016-000022f
A cute little munchkin! Check out her little fingers!


Other times I love to use all my props – like the cute buckets and backdrops that I also have! As I do have a LOT of them! I really want my Clients to have a big variety to choose from and create something pretty for them to hang on their walls!

And this little princess loved being all wrapped up in this bucket!

I needed to feature my mum’s quilt top that she made – so this one was perfect for it! So this is a special image for me… 


And the tiniest little Princess had her session the other day – here she is… at 4lb 1oz!


bee in leaf flatf

Another little princess to photograph coming up in a few days so I’m signing off until then! Thank you to all my clients for trusting me with your precious newborns and letting me photograph them! I really love doing it – its my happy place!

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Baby Lachlan – Newborn Photographer – Orange NSW – Central West

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous little newborn? This little munchkin’s mum wanted fairly simple setups… so we had some fun with blues and greys…. He was such a cutie too!



Cute little hedgehog – blowing a kiss for his mummy!!!

He was looking so cute – and then I got this smile!!!!!! BONUS for mum!


And whats a little bunny without his little “teddy” – his duckling! 🙂


Sessions are done in the comfort of your own home – in Orange NSW or close surrounds. I bring everything to you to make it easier.  I love to create and make gorgeous images for you!  Its my happy go-to place!

Feel free to check out my website : Kylie Winder Photography

Please call me 0417693859 or contact me kyliewinder@yahoo.com.au to book your session…

Kylie Winder Photography
Newborn Photographer Orange NSW
Maternity Photographer Orange NSW

Newborn Sessions – Orange NSW

I love doing newborn sessions!!!  Seeing a newborn’s tiny fingers and tiny toes… squishy lips and cute little nose!  I love hearing their cute little baby noises and watching their little faces!

When should I have my newborn session?  Well, under 21 days is best for the curly poses.  All babies are different tho but in general after 2-3 weeks of age they decide they no longer want to stay curled up!   After then I tend to wrap them up a bit more….

I have an enormous stash of outfits, props, backdrops etc… and on top of that I love doing the little animal outfits and digital backdrops to make that perfect wall-worthy image!  Here are a few recent ones….


Cute little mouse with a cute little house!



OR a bee – just chillin on the shelf….


Fancy a gorgeous girl in her fabulous make believe play area….


Whilst her little friend sleeps away in the flowerbed!


All little mice need a cute little bed to sleep in!


But sometimes you just want to be safe in daddy’s hands….

These are just some of my favourites!!!!
How do I do some of the digitals??? Well here is a before and after for you….

Wagon-Wonders before and afterf

I’d love to meet you and your family for your next newborn session! Please email me kyliewinder@yahoo.com.au or find me on fb or instagram.

Have you seen my new website??? www.kyliewinderphotography.com

I look forward to meeting you 🙂


My favourite sessions…. Kylie Winder Photography Orange NSW

What are my favourite things to photograph?  Lots of things actually!

I really do love photographing Maternity sessions – to see a mum-to-be glowing in anticipation of meeting her new little baby…  I have beautiful dresses for mums to wear and feel special and beautiful on the day…

Some of the ones I have had to pleasure of photographing I will show you now. All the gowns in the photos are ones I have currently and are available for use…






I since have 5 new maternity dresses not yet photographed!

Are you expecting? Do you have a friend who is expecting??? Feel free to share my page or tag them.

Best time to do a maternity session depends on you and your bump.  I’d recommend anywhere between 28 and 34 weeks – and whilst you are still able to move and pose…

Everyone is different tho – and carries differently.  Check out this amazing mum below – I think she was 36 weeks here!


I just love doing them later in the day when the light is lovely and soft.   Such a beautiful time to remember and mum’s are always glowing for their session!

Newborn Sessions with Kylie Winder Photography – Orange NSW

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing some gorgeous newborns lately… so much fun!  Its such a special time and they don’t stay little for long… so capturing these images early is something a lot of parents do to remember these fleeting moments…

I service Orange and surrounds and bring everything to your place for the newborn and baby sessions…  oh and I have some gorgeous dresses for Mum’s to wear too…


Heres a few of my littlest clients …… from 2weeks old to a few 2 month olds…. 🙂

_DSC1597 Little Miss “I’m not going to sleep” but sooooo cute! Didn’t want to miss out on anything!

and some little newborns (under 3 weeks old is best to ensure sleepy photos)…

DSC_7465fDSC_7448fNewborn_0200f How cute is “Poppy” from the Trolls movie???  95% of babies fall asleep in this little chair… and looking soooo cute!  (please note Parent is RIGHT there with hand off them for just a few seconds while I click, or if baby does not seem stable parent’s hand is photoshopped out 🙂

_DSC1643f and yes we finally got the 2 month old off to sleep as Poppy 🙂  and looking as cute as!


Newborn_0169fnewborn_0004fNewborn_0076f8x12 little owlf

I have an enormous stash of newborn outfits, backdrops, props, stuffies (little soft toys), bowls etc… and I also will incorporate some digital backdrops into the session such as these amazing ones….

frog in pondfEeyore Rylanf

eeyore1fwombfButterfly1fflower pinksf

To book a session with me please contact me at kylie@kyliewinderphotography.com or kyliewinder@yahoo.com.au.  You can also find me on instagram and facebook – #kyliewinderphotography