Gorgeous Maternity Sessions – Orange NSW and Bathurst NSW – with Kylie Winder Photography

Maternity Photography sessions – Orange and Bathurst NSW. Kylie Winder Photography.

Mummy and Me Portraits – Orange Portrait Photographer – Orange NSW – Bathurst Photographer

The dresses available for use in your sessions! 🙂

Maternity Sessions – Orange Maternity Photographer – Kylie Winder Photography

Some of my gorgeous gowns worn by gorgeous Mummas…

Maternity Photographer – Orange NSW – Kylie Winder Photography

Kylie Winder Photography – Maternity Photographer – Orange NSW

Maternity Sessions – Kylie Winder Photography – Maternity Photographer Orange NSW

How long does it take to have a  maternity session??? Approx 1.5 hours and you will have gorgeous images of yourself at such a beautiful time of life…  Its such a lovely time in a woman’s life and something special to remember…  The anticipation, the wondering, the excitement….. I have such a large array ofContinue reading “Maternity Sessions – Kylie Winder Photography – Maternity Photographer Orange NSW”

Maternity Photographer – Orange NSW

I have met some amazing women lately – all Mummies-to-be..  I can’t get over how glowing and beautiful they all look… They are just blossoming awaiting the birth of their child.  I am privileged to be able to come into their homes and photograph this beautiful time of their lives…. Here are some recent photosContinue reading “Maternity Photographer – Orange NSW”

Maternity sessions

I love doing maternity sessions.  Seeing all the radiant yummy mummies-to-be, all beaming and excited… All the mum’s I’ve met have been wonderful to photograph and I thank you all for allowing me to be part of that journey… I’ve collected some gorgeous gowns along the way (and have some more to come LOL) …..Continue reading “Maternity sessions”