Maternity Photographer Orange NSW, Maternity Photographer Bathurst NSW – FAQ

What to expect in your photoshoot, how do you choose a photographer and FAQ

Maternity photographer Orange NSW | Maternity Photographer Bathurst NSW

Maternity photographer in Orange and Bathurst.

Gorgeous Maternity Sessions – Orange NSW and Bathurst NSW – with Kylie Winder Photography

Maternity Photography sessions – Orange and Bathurst NSW. Kylie Winder Photography.

Mummy and Me Portraits – Orange Portrait Photographer – Orange NSW – Bathurst Photographer

The dresses available for use in your sessions! ūüôā

Maternity Sessions – Orange Maternity Photographer – Kylie Winder Photography

Some of my gorgeous gowns worn by gorgeous Mummas…

Maternity Photographer – Orange NSW – Kylie Winder Photography

Kylie Winder Photography – Maternity Photographer – Orange NSW

Maternity Sessions – Kylie Winder Photography – Maternity Photographer Orange NSW

How long does it take to have a ¬†maternity session??? Approx 1.5 hours and you will have gorgeous images of yourself at such a beautiful time of life… ¬†Its such a lovely time in a woman’s life and something special to remember… ¬†The anticipation, the wondering, the excitement….. I have such a large array ofContinue reading “Maternity Sessions – Kylie Winder Photography – Maternity Photographer Orange NSW”

Maternity Photographer – Orange NSW

I have met some amazing women lately – all Mummies-to-be.. ¬†I can’t get over how glowing and beautiful they all look… They are just blossoming awaiting the birth of their child. ¬†I am privileged to be able to come into their homes and photograph this beautiful time of their lives…. Here are some recent photosContinue reading “Maternity Photographer – Orange NSW”